Mitchell River Silt Jetties

The Mitchell River silt jetties are an unusually long, thin landform located in the Gippsland Lakes region in Victoria, Australia.

paynesville-accommodationThe character of the Gippsland Lakes and Paynesville town is defined by the presence of the Mitchell River Silt Jetties just off the mainland. These naturally formed banks of silt run for over 7km, making them the second largest silt jetties in the entire world (the mouth of the Mississippi River gets the top prize).

This unusually long and thin land form connects the Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria to the mainland. Silt jetties are formed over millions of years by the slow buildup of silt deposits from the Mitchell River during times of low water flow as it drained itself into Lake King.

In recent years, the Mitchell River Jetties have been undergoing extensive restoration work to ensure that they are preserved for future generations. The parks department of Victoria will be taking on the project in three stages that will take between three to four years to complete.

Currently, they are hard at work stabilizing the silt jetties using rocks from the beach to prevent them from eroding farther.

If their work is as successful as they believe it will be, the jetties will be restored and remain a stable part of the landscape for years to come.

There are plenty of reasons why the silt jetties are worth a visit. The route through the jetties is easy to navigate because a gravel road extends to the end of the jetties, and numerous exceptional fishing spots exist along the way. Whether you come to the jetties to relax and fish or enjoy the large number of sea birds that call this region home, you will find it well worth your time to make a visit to the jetties.