The arts community of East Gippsland has plenty to offer for visitors and tourists alike. Below are some of the top events and locations to visit on your next trip.


East Gippsland Art Gallery

This extensive gallery promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Gippsland region throughout appealing and immersive art exhibits that both visitors and locals can enjoy. Established in 1992, the Gallery moved to its current location in 2003 once the art collection outgrew the single room it was housed in. Today the gallery is a region highlight and a top spot to visit for every art lover.


Creative Gippsland

As an area collection of events and exhibits from local artists, Creative Gippsland fully supports the contributions of the greater community and strives to create a space where all local talent can be showcased in a wide variety of ways. A look through their website will keep you up to date on all the exciting events coming in the near future, making it easy for you to plan your schedule to experience the best local talent that East Gippsland has to offer.


Griffiths’ Sea Shell Museum & Marine Display

Sometimes the best art is the kind that nature makes itself, as the Griffith’s Sea Shell Museum makes clear to every visitor. For the true nature lover, this is a marine museum that can’t be missed. You’ll get to look through thousands of different shells as well as many other sea creatures, making sure that you come away with a much greater appreciation for the art in the ocean!


Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place

If you want to learn more about the Gunaikurni people that were once the primary inhabitants of East Gippsland, the Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place is an essential spot to visit. You’ll learn how these people used the land to meet all their survival needs, from food, shelter and clothing. Walking through this museum you’ll learn about traditional hunting techniques and war weapons as well as the see examples of canoes and baskets, and plenty of boomerangs. Though the museum is self-guided, plenty of staff are on hand and always happy to help answer your questions.